TUBEX mesh tree shelters and guards

Acorn Planting Products has 30 years experience in manufacturing high quality tree protection products, are now are branded under the TUBEX brand, part of Fiberweb Geosynthetics Ltd. Supplying innovative recycled plastic mesh tree shelters, tree guards, spiral rabbit guards, tree ties, mulch mats, tree stakes & bamboo canes in a one-stop shop for all your tree protection requirements. Our range offers essential protection for trees against browsing animals including voles, rabbits and deer.

Key products include Treeguard, a plastic mesh tree guard supplied in pre-formed tubes, cut sheets or rolls. Shelterguard® tree shelters combine a plastic mesh netting with a clea polyethylene film to offer micro-climatic conditions within the shelter and is also available in pre-formed nested tubes, cut sheets or rolls. Spiral shelters / rabbit guards are available in various colours, heights and diameters to meet your requirements.

Products are available to purchase on our online shop or via the TUBEX distributor network.


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